Innovative Cases for Heavy Urban Search & Rescue.

The Protective Encapsulating Transport System (P.E.T.S.) is a heavy payload shipping and storage container system. P.E.T.S. is currently used by Canada’s Heavy Urban Search & Rescue (HUSAR) and Emergency Medical Assistance (EMAT) teams.

Target P.E.T.S. cases and containers are designed to offer optimal storage capacity with respect to external volume. Consisting of 5 standard sizes, multiple case combinations yield a standard palletized cube, which conforms to land, sea and air deployment criteria. Custom and non-standard sizes available.

HUSAR Search and Rescue

HUSAR Cases by Target

Why choose a P.E.T.S. case from Target.

Our P.E.T.S. cases and containers have a variety of features exclusive to the Target Case brand.

Aluminum Case Shell
With an all aluminum construction, P.E.T.S. cases and containers are unaffected by temperature and maintain their strength and integrity across the complete climatic temperature spectrum.

All Welded – Watertight Construction
The case shell and valance are fully seam welded to provide a high strength case shell which is impervious to water.

Chamfered Edge Profile
The ends of P.E.T.S. cases and containers have large chamfered edges, eliminating the risk of fuselage puncture and providing a labelling surface (visible when cases are stacked).

Pressure Equalization Valve
P.E.T.S. cases and containers have automatic pressure equalization (“breather”) valves installed to maintain case integrity when encountering temperature and pressure differentials.

Internal Ribs
Internal ribs are located in the top and bottom faces of the base and lid to increase case rigidity and provide additional support for heavy payload applications.

HUSAR Search and Rescue

HUSAR Search and Rescue

P.E.T.S. Finish:
Lid is powder coated; Base is unpainted (natural aluminum finish)

Painted Finish:
Lid & Base is powder coated

Case Shell - Finish
P.E.T.S. cases and containers may be supplied in the following configurations:

Mill Finish: Lid & Base are unpainted (natural aluminum finish)

High Strength Case Hardware
Zinc plated, recessed latches and handles are installed using sealed rivets and compression gaskets. High strength hinges (/w integral lid stay) are also zinc plated and installed using sealed rivets. Machined HDPE handles are located on the lid to facilitate case opening

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