Target rugged aluminum case shells offer superb protection against shock or impact and will protect your contents in any conditions.

Without question, our case shells are among the strongest in the industry. But, many of our customers require customized case shells to accommodate their specific payloads.

We have the experience and the expertise to make those modifications without compromising the structural integrity of the case itself.

Below are just a few of our external case possibilities.

Custom Case Interior and Exteriors
Custom Case Interior and Exteriors

If your case carries electronics, it can be modified to accept a variety of plugs or jacks.

Our cases can be modified to include power, connector jacks or MIL-STD connectors. Connector panels can be added by simply punching holes in the shell or they can be hinged to allow access to internal cabling. Or, in some case scenarios, they are recessed with a hinged, removable cover plate.

Our cases can be modified for extreme heat conditions with cooling and ventilation systems.

If ventilation or cooling is required, your case shell can be modified with ventilation hole patterns, louvres, or even air conditioning units. Cooling systems include climate control forced air systems or closed loop A/C systems.

Custom Case Interior and Exteriors

Custom Case Interior and Exteriors

We can also accomodate custom I.D. plates and a variety of colours and finishes are always available.

In addition, you may want to consider custom I.D. plates, stenciling or silk screening and of course, a variety of colours and finishes are always available, (surcharges or minimum quantities may be applicable). Subcontracting case modifications is rarely a satisfying experience. To achieve the desired results, it always best to rely on our engineering to modify cases.

Get it custom – forget the tooling. From convertable work-stations to removable brackets,our technical sales specialists and in-house design will team work with you to determine what you want, and develop a design concept to fit your needs.

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