P.E.T.S Container System
Standard Models

Impact’s P.E.T.S. Container System is an all climate, heavy payload ready shipping and storage container system. The P.E.T.S. Container System was developed jointly with Canada Task Force 3 - the Heavy Urban Search and Rescue (HUSAR) team located in Toronto (Canada) to address their heavy equipment deployment requirement.


  • High Strength
  • Won’t deform under ultra heavy superimposed (stacked) loads.
  • All Climate Integrity

  • Will not become brittle or fracture (crack) at low temperatures.
  • Will not sag, creep or warp at elevated temperatures.
  • Pallet Cube Optimization

  • Various container combinations yield the same cube volume facilitates rapid deployment via land, sea or air.
  • PETS Container Sytem Pallet

    Shell: 0.090 in. aluminum (5052-H32)

    Construction: Welded (waterproof)

    Valance: Proprietary square tubular valance & investment cast corner lug system /w dual gaskets (patent pending)

    Finish Base: Plain Aluminum

    Lid: Powder Coat Finish
    (STD Colours Include: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, White)

    Hardware: Recessed valance spanning latches (gasketed) Recessed handles (gasketed) Hinges /w integral lid stays HDPE lift handles (located on lid) Automatic pressure equalization valve

    HUSAR Search and Rescue


  • Low profile embossed pattern for easy alignment & manipulation of heavy payload containers
  • Chamfered edges prevent puncturing of aircraft fuselage
  • Location for container content markings
  • Interiors

  • Empty; Foam lined; Foam lining + blocks; Custom CNC machined foam insert; Flange + panel; Deck systems & internal chassis (custom engineered)
  • HUSAR Search and Rescue Cases

    Download the P.E.T.S. brochure and spec sheet.