Target Single Lid Cases

Target Single Lid Cases

Never compromise.

With an all aluminum construction, Target Military single-lid cases and containers are unaffected by temperature and maintain their strength and integrity across the complete climatic temperature spectrum.

Target Military cases are available in two performance grades:

Standard Duty:

0.090 in. (2.29 mm) aluminum shell

Super Duty:

0.125 in. (3.18 mm) aluminum shell

Target Single Lid Cases Riveted Construction

Target Single Lid Cases

Additional Single Lid Case Features

CNC machined ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene skid and stacking alignment pads allow Target Military cases to be dragged over rough terrain without damaging the case shell.

Target cases typically have automatic pressure equalization (“breather”) valves installed to maintain case integrity when encountering temperature and pressure differentials. Upon request, cases may be supplied with manual pressure equalization valves.

External ribs are located on the side walls - ruggedizing the case / container and protecting case hardware from glancing forces. Internal Ribs increase case rigidity and provide additional support for heavy payload applications.

The proprietary high strength square tubular valance and corner lug system (patents pending) is fused together and seam welded to the case. With dual continuous gaskets, Target cases remain watertight and resistant to deflection under stress.

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Target Single Lid Cases