Take the heat off sensitive mission critical electronics.

Our engineering team has developed the ultimate high capacity, closed-loop, climate control system for Target rackmount cases. Now, high value, rackmounted electronics can be protected from: Overheating, Freezing (optional heater), Moisture / Humidity, Sand / Dust / Dirt, Hazardous Chemicals / Fumes, Unauthorized access.

Target Removeable Chiller

The Chiller is designed for a wide range of applications.

Signal Generator & Repeater Systems
High-Performance Servers & Clusters
Command & Control (C3 & C4) Systems
Electronic Countermeasures Equipment
Microwave Communications Electronics
Remote Operation Systems
Material Processing:
On-Site Process Control Systems

The Chiller is available as a stand alone unit or a removeable system attached to a Target rackmount case.

Target Removeable Chiller

The Target Removable Chiller

  • Provides closed loop climate control for Target Military rackmount cases /w Chiller Ready Package (CRP).
  • Easy to install - sits on top of Target Military rackmount case.
  • Cooling capacity is 6000 BTU/H @ 125°F (1758.4 Watt @ 51.7°C) Low noise / vibration rotary compressor.
  • Easy to use digital controller Chiller system has stainless steel housing (NEMA 4X) /w corrosion resistant coils and internal piping.
  • Available in 120V/60Hz or 230V/60Hz power configurations.
  • Mil-Spec power cable & terminal connector Ambient air intake.

  • Available Options

  • 2 micron filter /w rain baffle.
  • Removable cordura airflow baffle to direct airflow through rack.
  • Fire retardant case insulation for improved efficiency.
  • The Chiller Climate Control System

    Chiller Installation Process

    Target Removeable Chiller

    The Chiller Up Close

    Download the Chiller Brochure to learn more